If You Build It, They Will Come.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002


My uncle and I have been having this discussion forever. He thinks that the gun laws are taking away our second amendment rights. He feels the checks we do on our gun-buyers is good enough.

First of all, there are no second amendment rights for citizens unless they are part of a well regulated militia. But that's beside the point. That's what Chuck Heston chooses not to brainwash his disciples with. But anyway.... How do you think criminals get guns? Smuggle them from Cuba? Steal them from law abiding gun owners? Maybe, but I doubt it. I think this is what I just accepted and didn't realize he didn't even think of. They get guns from law abiding citizens. Just like how minors get alcohol from guys over 21. It's simple economics, you want it, I can get it. I mean I relaize this is an obvious no-brainer, but maybe it was something he just accidentally overlooked. Example. Twenty five percent of all alcohol cosumed in this country is consumed by minors. That means a quarter of all alcohol is consumed by people spanning 12-20 years old. That's eight years getting 25% and the remaining fifty eight years worth of people get the rest. But... how? How do minors get alcohol? They check peoples ID's... it shouldn't be possible. They must smuggle it all in from Mexico, right? Maybe they steal it all. Or maybe... just maybe... those who can get it, buy it for them. I mean after taking out a small delivery fee, you can get a few extra bucks. You're only a criminal if you've been caught. I mean I don't get stopped by cops, there's no warrant out for me, and next time I go to 7-11, they'll sell me a twelve pack, even though I have come home with a twelve pack, and not gotten one because my 19-20 year old friends who paid for it drank it all. I hope this helps clear it up.


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