If You Build It, They Will Come.

Friday, February 22, 2002

Oh my leaping Jesus, I so love public access!!!! I'm watching homemade music videos from the 80's!!

Now, on to another topic... have I missed something? The last few weeks I've been seeing stories on tv asking if we should attack Saddham Hussein. Should we bomb Iraq, when can we get in Iraq, how should we over throw the goverment. Maybe I missed it, weren't we attacking Afghanistan? Aren't they the ones who hid bin Laden? Now suddenly we're calling Iran the "Axis of Evil" and talking about hitting Iraq. Did I miss the big story where they made us mad again? And Korea too? Are we going after them? Why are we suddenly being dicks to everyone? Oh wait... The President's name is George Bush..... oh yeah.

I admire what the man has done so far. He's handled this rather well I guess. But here's my problem. There are giant scandals behind this whole thing that no one is touching on, the fact that bin Laden's organization funded Bush's oil companies when they got started out. Chaney is tied deep in this Enron deal. And all I can think of is republicans dispensed 400 FBI agents and countless tax dollars to find out if Clinton lied about a blow job. Ah well. They're hateful whiny old white men who have never seen the real world, what did we expect. Arrogant, know it all, conservative, closed minded, rich, spoiled, pampered, lying, cheating, hypocritical, scabby, old sons of bitches.


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