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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Internet Civility.
If you've ever happened to come across an internet message board, you'll understand that the above term is in fact an oxymoron. I have to ask people, why the anger? Why? Why not love.
If you want an example of what I mean go to IMDb and talk shit about Kevin Smith, Stanley Kubrick, "The Passion of the Christ" or "Fahrenheit 9/11."
A guy said that Stanley Kubrick should've directed a Teletubbies movie. His screenname was "I_Luv_Teletubbies" Here's someones response:
tubbs, i'll type this slow. GET. got that? good. A. can you hear me now? good. LIFE. i cannot put it any simpler than that. a grown man obsessed with the teletubbies looking to argue why they are great with anyone has too much time on their hands. it's a kids show with no meaning! NOOOOOOO MEEEEEEANING!!!! it doesn't mean anything! it's trying to appeal to kids! you COULD argue, that the fact that the show uses technology is sad because that's what it takes in this day and age to appeal to kids, OR the show writers use technology as a given, that in modern society it's like 'of course we'll put vaccuums and whatever into the world, because it might look dated, what we need is cutting edge!', and that would be sad because technology has infiltrated our psyche, kinda like subconsciously. BUT NOOOO! you think the director and writers and producers use lighting and sets and props to consciously reflect the state of the world and humanity and our future. subconscious and conscious. even the subconscious arguments are flimsy, but they look hard as rock when compared to the fact that the show is TRYING to be a masterpiece disguised as a kids show. you're an idiot! WHY wouldn't they try a different medium to get their point across instead of a kids show, where nobody would get the message because the viewers are all babies!? to sum up: there is no meaning, at least not a conscious effort to make one like you argue. you are an idiot. you need to get a life. and *beep* you for constantly pissing me off. *beep* YOU!
(The *beep*s were written in.)
First of all, I think it's hilarious that he says that anyone "looking to argue why they are great with anyone has too much time on their hands." And he replied with a really long argument.
Let's find another.
Tubbs you really shouldn't be calling other people idiot, since you are dumber than the average person, hence dumber than everybody else on this board. You don't have the credibility to call other people idiot.
Burn, dude. Burn.
DevilRez says:
Ahhh look, he still fails at originallity. YOU"RE ON A FREAKING MOVIE SITE moron, what the hell made you think YPU"D be the first? Dont get pissed just cause I called you post trite.
DevilRez is one of my favorite people. See I love getting on these boards and messing with people. DevilRez and I had a lengthy conversation in the past, I can't really remember about what, but he got seriously pissed. If you go to IMDb and see a dude named "PreciousRoy"... that's me.
People, be nice. Just because you can say shit without anyone knowing who you are, doesn't mean you should. I know the jocks in your freshmen gym classes would beat your nerdy, D&D, parents basement, Everquest lovin ass if you said this stuff to their face.
In other news, Michael Moore has announced that he's making "Fahrenheit 9/11 Part 2." Seriously, dude, I liked the first one. I own it, I saw it twice in theaters, but please man, don't be a dick. What is the point of bitching about Bush again? He can't get re-elected. I'm sure he'll botch things up even worse than he has already, but what happens if he doesn't? What happens if he saves the environment, and gets troops out of Iraq and they are all peaceful, and he like fixes the economy... and like monkeys fly from his ass, and like Santa gives us all ponies, and pigs fly and stuff. I mean, will he still make the movie? I mean the chances of Bush NOT royalling f-ing the country up is infinitesmal. What's the point of bitching about it more? Liberals are already informed enough to know most of what you portray in the film, and conservatives are too stubborn to even watch the movie. So, you're not changing anyones mind. You're making us all look bad. We know. You like the cash.
Sorry Michael. I know you mean well.
Ok, goodnight.


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