If You Build It, They Will Come.

Friday, November 05, 2004

I saw Sarah Michelle Gellar today. She was at Focus Features, the production company that did Eternal Sunshine. Their offices are one floor above our classes.

My film turned out pretty well. I'm editing tomorrow afternoon, I should hopefully have it all done by then. It's not due until next thursday though. Dave, on my crew, is stressed about his, but I think he's just generally stressed. I doubt he's happy unless he's miserable. His film looks good, but he's really unhappy with it. He decided to do a shoot with heavy make-up, a remote location in Santa Clarita, SAG actors, lots of wardrobe, hired a casting agent, got a producer, spent just about $1000 on the film, had release forms so he could play his film in film festivals, (a 16mm B&W silent student film), had over 100 shots, including some big fight scene, and a "Citizen Kane" type shot where I had to create the illusion that the camera went through a window pane, rented generators and a dolly for a running shot through the woods, hired an actor that lived three hours away, an actress that was under 18 that needed a supervisor... all with two days to shoot. Originally he wanted a big courtroom scene with extras as well. Apart from this, he's a perfectionist. He needs to reherse every scene at least three times, scenes that are really simple, so naturally his shoot went an extra day, when honestly it really didn't have to. He went through ten rolls of film, got all his footage back, and thinks it's all crap.

He wants to know if I want to work with him after school is done. I don't think so. I like the guy, he's fun to hang out with, but he's a little too intense for me. My film took eight hours to shoot, and took four rolls. Two actors, non union, no casting director, no producer, it cost $85 minus the cost of film. $5 for the camera, $10 for developing, $15 for copies, $25 for make-up, and $30 for pizza and wings for the cast and crew. No costumes, no dollies, no remote locations. Just simple. I'll agree it was less ambitious, but it really didn't have to be ambitious, it was a simple story I came up with in KZoo.

Oh well, I think I just needed to bitch a little.


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