If You Build It, They Will Come.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

it's almost over
that's right, these political ads are almost over. soon, we will no longer have to hear about how prop 72 kicks grandma out of her house, or prop 37 makes it legal to eat children. no more kerry sucks because he is ugly, and bush sucks because he's stupid. we can all finally stop talking about this. not that i think talking about it is bad, but so many people have so many opinions that they take so personally that it's hard to talk about without offending someone. when someone says that saddam flew planes into new york from his hometown of baghdad, austrailia, it's hard not to slap them for being stupid.
latest polls (and polls can be wrong) show that if the election was right now as opposed to in a few short hours, kerry wins 298 to 231 (with NH and NM undecided). so barring any republican injustice that we all have seen they are capable of, hopefully we'll be swearing in president kerry in january.
or more likely, we could be doing the recount thing again. cross your fingers, kids. it could be a long november.


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