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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

June of 2007.

I missed all of June.

So what's happened....

Ryan and Jen got married. They had a rockin' cool wedding and a superfly reception. It was really cool. I got to see a lot of people I've gone far too long without seeing.

Erin had a interview for a job in Grand Rapids. She's looking to go for a second interview towards the end of July. Keep your fingers crossed.

My writers block is officially over. I seem to have started or at least conceptualized (is that right?) five short films and three feature films and a music video. Not too much written down in screenplay format, but a lot in my red notebook. The next step is getting it out of that red notebook and to a theater near you.

I have all my stuff backed up on a 500GB external hard drive. It took forever to do. But my computer has been acting a little wishy washy lately and I don't want to risk losing it all. That hard drive was a really good buy. Now I need to find a way to transfer data through something faster than USB 1.0.

Other than that, I've really not had much to say about June of 2007.

Happy Independence Day!



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