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Friday, January 16, 2009


This is a... friend-wide casting call to anyone who may be interested/anyone without Superbowl plans.

The East Lansing Film Festival's next 48 hour film competition is from January 30 to February 1. I am able to participate this time! And you should too!

Never been in a 48 hour film competition before? Well, let me explain how it goes.

Friday night, January 30 at 6pm, we all gather in a home location. The people running the competition then come into the room, clothed in robes and hoods, carrying some sort of altar. We all chant some latin stuff, then they lock the doors. (ok, none of that) They give us a location, a prop, a theme and a line of dialogue that all have to be in the five minute movie that we then have 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit. The films must be turned in, completed and on miniDV no later than Sunday at 6pm.

The films are then judged based on implementation of the requirements, and prizes are awarded.

Last time, we made the film "Acceptance" and we won 3rd place. That was using the same Hi-8 camcorder that we shot Twelve Page Paper with. Now, I have some actual equipment, and hopefully we can do better. I'm sure we can get 1st this time.

The top three films in each competition play at the East Lansing Film Festival in March. Acceptance will be playing there, and so might this one.

So if you wanted to be in the last one and couldn't make it, if you WERE in the last one and want to do it again, if you were in Twelve Page Paper and want to make another film, if you weren't in Twelve Page Paper, and wanted to be, if you are interested in speedily making a film and getting not a lot of sleep, then let me know. If you can help out during the day, or during the night, if you can do only one day, any help will... well, help. I promise it will be fun. If you're coming in from out of town, I think we might be able to put you up for the weekend. Call me.



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