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Friday, March 01, 2002

I just got back from the OP. As soon as I got there, people were asking who I wrote "The Rookie's Dream" about. Joey Nieuwendyk? Someone guessed Gordie Howe, who never even played for Dallas and isn't in the NHL during the 2002 season. I think people missed the point. The caption says that the whole story is an analogy. It's not about anyone in the NHL. It's not even about a hockey player, well, a professional hockey player anyway. This kid's never even been to Texas.

It's about me.

After reading over it again, even I am impressed at how good of an analogy it is... but that's as much as I'm going to explain it here. I'd be surprised if anyone really understands it except me... and the person to whom I was typing.

By the way, Mike Modano scored with 0.6 seconds left in OT to give Dallas the 4-3 win over Vancouver. The Coyotes lost to the Avs 2-1. Dallas just pulled ahead of Phoenix in the NHL standings. Edmonton lost to stay at 64 points, Vancouver lost to Dallas in OT so they got a point, to get to 65. Phoenix is at 64, and Dallas got up to 65. Tied for the eighth and last spot in the western conference playoffs. Not that it really matters. I'm a Wings fan. What? First place in the central division? What? First place in the western conference? What? First place in the entire NHL? What? By how much? Fifteen points ahead of number 2 Philly? Ninteen ahead of anyone in the west? What? Well ok, how are the Columbus Blue Jackets? Last place? In the entire NHL? 54 points behind Detroit? Well all my Columbus friends, once again, hail hail to Michigan....


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