If You Build It, They Will Come.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

I had an idea for a project. I wanted to take a bunch of the most disturbing yet easily recognizible images I could find, (i.e. The World Trade Center footage they replayed over and over, Jerry Springer, Charleton Heston holding his rifle above his head saying "Cold dead hand", people running out of Columbine High School, morons with anti-abortion signs with dead babies protesting, O.J. Simpson, Rodney King, the LA Riots, car crashes, American Idol, and all kinds of "acceptable" violence and crap that goes on in the world) and string them together in a short music video for "Sin" by Nine Inch Nails to explain why I was so angry with the world and was out of any form of optimism. I was going to call the whole project "Ugly." But then I cheered up and decided not to do it. Maybe someday when I don't feel as good as I do now.

Have you noticed a countdown? If you've IMed me recently while I was away you have. It's down to three hours. Tomorrow I'll walk into Babbages in the Crossroads Mall at 10am, leave at 1pm, and never ever have to go in there again.

IM me again while I'm gone and take my new test. I got the idea from Shannon Murphy. I aced her test, can you ace mine?


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