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Saturday, November 15, 2003

My thoughts at 4:28am.

JoFish19: I wonder what it's like to be schizophrenic. Or have multiple personality disorder.

JoFish19: I mean, do you just imagine there is another person in your head talking to you.

JoFish19: Do you see this other person?

JoFish19: Do you become this other person?

JoFish19: And when you become this other person, do you realize it's not you talking?

JoFish19: If you were schizophrenic I mean.

JoFish19: Do you realize that if you have MPD, that there are more than one of you in your head?

JoFish19: I wonder if there are cases where the two or more identities know of each other and cases where they don't.

JoFish19: And I wonder if you can convince yourself that you don't have MPD, just an overactive imagination.

JoFish19: And can one personality shut the other out so that the first can not see what is happening.

JoFish19: And if so...

JoFish19: How can someone with MPD know which personality is really them?

JoFish19: If they were somehow cured, and all their personalities left except for one, would it be the true personality of the person, or simply the one that survived?

JoFish19: I mean, lets say I had MPD, and I've had it since I was two. And all this time, since I was two, my second personality was the one that was in control of my mind. And then one day, my original personality resurfaced and had witnessed everything, and wanted his mind back. But the original personality was a total asshole. Should I give up this mind, seeing as it is truly his and I am just a figment of his imagination, or do I have the right to stake a claim in this mind as I have developed it for the last 21 years, and he's only been in control for two?

Dolphi2413: lol woah i dunno

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