If You Build It, They Will Come.

Friday, November 07, 2003

Something I need to say about the Matrix Revolutions that will not give any of it away. After watching it for the second time, I noticed something. What follows is a typical conversation in Zion.

"Commander! The Machines are about to breach the Dock Wall!"

"Goddammit! Get the gunners to their posts! I want every barrel aimed at the point of entry!"

"Sir, we've got ten minutes and we don't have a goddamn EMP to fire."

"Where is Niobe and her goddamn ship!? Those goddamn machines are going to rip this city apart!"

"There's still no goddamn response from the Logos sir. Nothing from the goddamn Hammer, or the goddamn Nebuchadnezzar!"

"Goddammit! Where are our goddamn reinforcements!"

"Sir! We're out of goddamn coffee!"

"Goddammit son! Some goddamn low life drank all our goddamn coffee!? Goddamn shame! We can't have our goddamn gunners being goddamn drowsy, can we?!"

"Goddamn no, sir. Goddamn no."

Look for it. When you see the movie, bring a fifth of Jager. Take a drink everytime they say "Goddamn." They'll have to carry you out of the theater.


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