If You Build It, They Will Come.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Why is it that everytime you feel really terrible and sick, the moment you call into work or get mom to let you stay home from school, you instantly feel like twenty times better? No pain, no misery, no suffering, nothing is left but the guilt from stranding your co-workers. That's how today went. I called in sick to work, because I honestly felt like dying. As soon as I hung up the phone, boom, instantly felt fine. Nausea was gone, the headache had receded, and I wasn't so groggy. Like that. So then I sat there and thought, "Well maybe I should go in, now that I feel better." And suddenly as the thought crossed my mind, the nausea crept back in... my head started hurting again. I lay back down and fall asleep until 3:30 pm. It was 9:30am when I called in. So obviously something was wrong. I went to sleep last night at only like 1:30am. It's not like I was up all night. But I fell asleep for an additional six hours. Who knows.

Anyway, I'm putting all the finishing touches on the film, all the finishing touches I can anyway. I'm going to ADR all my lines today, as well as provide the voice for Frank the Unisaur. Add in the last bits of music, the last bits of sound effects that I can. Then we'll see about ADRing Jamie or Jason today. Maybe shoot the end of the Hardware Store Scene tonight. Spend what other time I have rotoscoping, building the props, and arranging to rent a truck.

Busy day. Gotta get going.



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