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Sunday, November 30, 2003

I just found out that my favorite video game of all time... the 7th Guest... is going to become a trilogy. That's right, they're making The 7th Guest III, so like... the 9th Guest. Or... the 12th... Hour.... er... not. While my initial reaction was joy that someone else out there remembers this game... shortly thereafter came aprehension. See, my second favorite game was Myst. They made Myst into a trilogy as well. Riven, the sequel, was great, as was Exile, the third installment. But just recently, someone decided, "Hey, how about Myst 4?" So they came up with Uru. But in today's Halo infested, 1PS or MMORPG (First Person Shooter or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game for you non super-dorks) world, there is no room for the quality Myst-esque adventure games that require... what was that thing that video games used to need... man, it was a while ago... I can't seem to remember... oh yeah, "thought." So Myst went the way of Sierra's "King's Quest." Remember King's Quest? A little bit of a relic, but still required some of that thought that players used to need. They were the best selling games out there. They're fan base was loyal, even if the newest craze was big flashy guns and level twelve orc beasts with a ruby shield and an attack that requires 8EXP and 12MP to summon the monster Astaroath who uses a fire attack spell that poisons every member of the party and puts your enemy to sleep while draining them of 5HP every turn. But so many people buy the latter that they get nervous when it's their turn to develop a game because it looks like everyone is into not thinking. What they fail to realize is that more people buy video games than they see. The Sims taught us all that. The Sims is the best selling video game ever. Why? Because it's being bought by people who don't normally buy video games. It's found a "new" crowd, that isn't really new at all. It's the people who like video games, but require something unique, unlike "Racing Game" or "Fighting Game" or "Shooting Game" (all of which don't even deserve their own title. Halo is Unreal is Wolfenstein is Doom is Half-Life is Quake is Duke Nukem is XIII is Deus Ex is No One Lives Forever is Counter-Strike is Serious Sam, they just all have different looking guns. Same with Racing Game or Fighting Game.) It's the people who buy games no one else is interested in, because nothing blows up. That demographic is huge. Look at Myst. Myst was the biggerst seller ever in its day. Find me one video gamer that has ever finished it. Find me someone who doesn't say, "I played it for like twenty minutes and couldn't do anything, so I quit." Yet, it was the best selling game ever. How is that possible? It's because Myst's core audience aren't videogamers. Same with King's Quest. The people who played King's Quest weren't into comic books and ninja fights, they were into real books and that weird late 80's early 90's art that had people wearing burrets and looking sad. And yet, the people at Sierra got nervous that the market was changing. King's Quest VIII came out, and it was a third person action game, (a la Tomb Raider). And lo and behold, it sucked balls. Why? Because they didn't dance with the girl who drove them to the prom. They strayed from what got them where they were and tried to be hip and it was bonking Anna Nichole. (slang for "F*%#ing Stupid). No King's Quest fan wanted a third person shooter, and no video gamer wanted a King's Quest game. And there was never a King's Quest IX. Same with Myst. They strayed. Uru is crap. I was all happy when it was coming out, but I've played it now. It is crap. It's no longer first person, it's now third. The controls on it make you want to kick your computer down a flight of stairs. Suddenly it's not just you. Uru is a MMORPG. That's right, you can get on-line and hang out in Uru and complain together about how dissapointed you are.

I didn't realize I had this much to say.

At any rate, all I wanted to get on here was that I'm nervous for Guest 3. Although, I gotta say, I've seen the trailer... no shooting, no third person, no online... no mansion, but that's okay, it's supposed to be set in some museum. I'm a little excited, but, things change...


What do you know. Publishers are scared to put it out.

"According to Rob Landeros there are still a couple of parties interested in the Collector. The game is 'not dead yet'. But since it's hard to publish an adventure game it might change into a more action-oriented game for the console market."


I hate video games.


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