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Friday, May 14, 2004

F'n Pop-Ups.

My parents computer is somehow infected with tons of adware. They've got all kinds of virus protection and crap, have no KaZaa or any type of filesharing service, and generally download nothing. They've got this pop up blocker that makes a really annoying cartoon noise everytime a pop up... pops up, and a pop up pops up about every fifteen seconds, which makes it so this blog entry is no longer the highlighted page and I have to click on it to get it back that way. This seems to happen to them more than anyone I know. Email worms and viruses, adware, spyware all seems to find its way onto this PC. My parents are always taking their computer into a shop to try to get it fixed. It always comes back fine, and then like a month or two down the line it's F'ed again. Which blows my mind because my PC was constantly on the internet for two years straight, I had KaZaa, downloaded all kinds of junk from questionable places, and never ever had any type of virus protection. And never did I get a virus, a worm, or have to deal with tons of annoying pop ups like this.

Folks, what I'm getting at is this... always wear a condom. You may go to tons of questionable places and boink tons of questionable ladies, you may never have virus protection, and you may live a healthy, happy, disease free life. Or you could go out there for a month like my parents computer and get a nasty case of cyber-herpes. And there is no cure for cyber-herpes. It just keeps popping up.

This has been a PSA brought to you by NBT.
"The more you know..."


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