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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Wow, this IMDb board is starting to get really interesting. Senor Bat is beoming a megalomaniac, and it's totally awesome, as I am his right hand man. Unless of course, my most recent post upsets him.

On another note, why is it that spam emails usually end with a bunch of strung together seemingly random words, like,"kamikaze permian wilfred referred amazon paralysis polypropylene very sprightly crash?"

Today at work everything ran smoothly until about 5am, when all hell broke loose. Suddenly there was an onslaught of customers, my register locked and the coffee machine exploded, all within moments of each other. I almost wigged out.

Wigged out. Interesting term. I wonder where that term came from.

I also wonder how to say... well this is hard to explain, follow this.

"I don't mind" is to "I didn't mind." as "He shouldn't mind" is to __________.

All I could come up with was "He shouldn't have minded." But I don't think "Minded" is a word that exists in reality. "Mound?" No. "He shouldn't have mound" was my first instinct, but that's just retarded.

Anyway, check out that board, it really is pretty funny.


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