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Friday, September 10, 2004

Jersey Girl.

Sorry for all the Kevin Smith themed posts lately, but I just watched Jersey Girl for the second time. I remember seeing it and even posting about it the first time, saying it was kind of a predictible family movie, and that it was near the, if not the bottom of my list of favorite Kevin Smith movies. (which isn't that bad, considering I love Kevin Smith movies.)

Upon the second viewing of this film, I retract my previous statement. I absolutely love this film. I don't know what it was that changed my mind, or that made me consider it differently. I mean yes, it's predictible and a family movie, but honestly, in my opinion, it's really good. It's a sweet movie that is just a sweet movie. No earth shattering dialogue that makes you look at life in a way you never had, no big Hollywood twist ending, no dick and fart jokes, just a simple sweet movie. Apart form the PG-13 rating, I'd say it's right on par with Chasing Amy.

That's all.



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