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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Ok, so... I haven't gotten the chance to update my blog in the last two weeks or so. I'd love to tell you all about all the things I've had to say in the last two weeks, but frankly, I ain't got that kinda time. I'll sum up the list of topics I could've been writing about, and maybe eventually I'll get a chance to elaborate on all of them.

-My first friend, RJ Naugle, got married in Las Vegas on Sept 18. I got to go.

-I started at NYFA on Sept 20 and it's about ten times better than I was hoping for.

-My roommate Curtis is moving out, and it's really a bummer.

-I drank a yard of beer.

-My birthday was the 26th.

-I've already directed three short films. Arriflex-S 16mm cameras are bitches.

-I've shot at Universal Studios twice now. Once on the NYC set where Spider-Man 2 and Bruce Almighty were shot, and I directed a cliche B&W silent film about the woman leaving on the train, and the man running through the streets to stop her on the Europe set. We also got the opportunity to shoot at the Spartacus set, and will be at the Old West/Mexico set next week. I also happened to wander onto the old Hill Valley Square from Back to the Future, complete with all the buildings including the clock tower. I got some pictures, they'll be up shortly.

-The first presidential debate was Thursday. Kerry looked to come out on top. We found the quotes of the night to be "It's hard work." and "Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time." They seemed to be the phrases our president could remember.

-My crew is hella-cool.

-KROQ is hella-cool.

-I've adapted to LA driving, meaning no one in Michigan will ever want me to drive them anywhere ever again.

-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a terrific movie.

-The restaurant inside Universal is completely cool, and really classy, and super cool to eat at when NYFA picks up the check.

-Bennett Graebner is my new favorite person, for one: being a hilarious writing instructor who drops the F-Bomb into every other sentence, and two: giving me the nickname "Kalamazoo" which, incidentally is three syllables longer than my actual name.

-Rochelle Shamaley's dog, Buddy, ran out the door and peed on a mattress being sold in a neighbor's yard sale.

-The Twelve Page Paper DVD's that I owe Laura Barb, Jeff Poling and Gloria are going to be shipped out next week, hopefully Monday morning. I haven't gotten a chance to go to a post office in two weeks, and apart from that, I had some computer issues, that are now, thankfully, rectified.

-Resident Evil 2 was cool, but only if you've played the games.

-Every morning on my way to school I pass Warner Bros. Studios and get to see the big water tower where the Animaniacs were supposed to be. I realized that the whole cartoon was probably thought up by some frustrated writers or animators, pressed for an idea, and staring out their office window.

I guess that's it for now. If you want me to elaborate on any particular story or subject, leave a comment, and I'll talk a bit more about it. For now, I need to go to bed. Goodnight.



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