If You Build It, They Will Come.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Wow, I guess a lot of people had a lot to say about why women aren't dumb.

They're not.

The NYFA films are up now.

Get them here. Below is a description of their lameness.

"Occupied" This is the first time we had playing with the 16mm cams, so you can see we had a lot of focus issues. No sound.

"Departure" Our first film on the Universal Backlots, shot on the Europe set. The actors names are Janine and James. They told me they always get paired up for the make out scenes. Again, no sound.

"Locked Out" I took a chance at shooting outside at night. Honestly I'm proud of this one coming out as good as it did. Shooting film outside at night is no easy feat. The lights in this one were blaring, they don't look it on here. It's not your computer, there again is no audio.

"Thunderstruck" Hey! Sound! Yeah, this is the first time we did anything with audio. Still 16mm black and white, now with music in the background. Laugh at me, people, it's what I'm here for. I apologize for the two shot on the couch, my DP must've been drunk.

"Photograph" This was my semester final. Again, no sync sound, (meaning all sound was added in post, none was recorded on site) no color, focus issues. Eh, I'm not apologizing for it. It could be better though.

Enjoy... if you dare. We're shooting digital and color and sync sound now, so the films should be less boring, plus I'd love to get a copy of Rochelle's film entitled "Take Your Hands Off My Cock" about an Old West rooster thief, and the one she shot today that I acted in. It was dramatic, I hope it comes out good. If I can, I'll get some of the ones I crewed for, they're pretty good.



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