If You Build It, They Will Come.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Our class got cancelled today because our directors weren't prepared. So, I went to Universal Studios Theme Park. It was fun. It was free.

I called Jon while I was on the Jurassic Park ride. I saw the Shrek 4D thing, and the stuff that they had in Florida when I was there about 8 years ago. The Back to the Future thing, the T2 thing.

I got to go on the backlot tour. We went past all the places we were shooting at. Then I got to see the rest of the place, and it's pretty sweet. We drove through a Desperate Housewives taping. The backlot tour consists of all the cool sets plus what in Florida was the Jaws ride, the King Kong ride and the Earthquake ride.

I took more pictures on the backlot, I'll probably put them up here at some point.

It was kind of a bummer though, because I was at the park all by myself. I mean it was fun to get out of my room, but it was kind of lame to go to a park like that alone.

I'm feeling a lot better. I'm at about 75% I'd say. Compared to what I'd call 30% over the weekend. I hate being sick. I took a lot of medicine and vitamins last night and dropped into a small coma.

I'm working on the last two chapters of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.


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