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Monday, January 17, 2005

Hi Vicki, it's Mike again....
Okay, I just saw this Mastercard commercial where some guy is standing outside of a club talking on his cell phone. He says his name is Mike, and he's leaving a message for Vicki. He describes to her how much fun he had meeting her, and just as he's about to leave his phone number, the machine cuts him off. He calls back and apologizes for the fact that he's calling again, and it's two thirty in the morning... and then the commercial ends.
Now can plagarism be so diliberate that it's actually a tribute? Because it in no way mentions that the sequence was ripped off from "Swingers." For those of you who haven't seen this awesome film, see it. The only difference between that scene and the commercial was the location. The names were the same, the time was the same, the words were the same.
Lame my friends, Lame.


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