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Monday, January 03, 2005

Back in the 818.

Well, I'm here in Los Angeles again. I've been kind of dreading writing this post, as I'm sure it will get a little long. Maybe not.

It was a good Christmas break. I got to see everyone again. Like really, everyone. It was really nice seeing the family again. It'll probably be a while before that happens again. I got the 3rd season of 24 (which I already watched all of) the extended Return of the King (which I watched last night) Napoleon Dynamite (which I've watched four times) and two awesome Santa Claus movies.

Napoleon Dynamite is a movie that people absolutely love or completely hate. Most people I know love it.

I got a ride with Jamie Flynn across the state to Kalaamzoo, and hung out with everyone from back home. Jason, Jamie, Charlie, Brill, Laura, Yerty, Lola, Rob, John, Adam, Marcy, Joe D., Heather, Ryan, Jen, Jeff, Cory, Jon, Jackie, Paul, Jes, Axel.... what a time.

Joe D. and Heather are engaged.

Laura and Yerty are engaged.

We all sang "Summer Loving" at the kareoke bowling alley arcade bumper car laser tag bar. I watched a really bad kung fu movie that we couldn't even see. I lost $5 in a poker game to a nut flush. I got to play GTA: San Andreas. We went to a restaurant that boasted "Fine Dining and Live Hockey from 7pm on." Only in Michigan.

I got to sit between two big sleeping guys on a tiny plane back to LA who took both arm rests. I got to ride the train from KZoo to Port Huron.

It was a great time. It was warm too, not too significantly colder than it is here right now. It warmed up on New Years Eve to around 50.

Ok, I'm going for now, I'll probably be back soon.


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