If You Build It, They Will Come.

Friday, January 21, 2005

I'm pretty lonely. I don't have any friends in Los Angeles. There's all the other people in class, but everyone just got back from a week long shoot, and we're all kind of sick of each other, and I don't really like hanging out with anyone except Rochelle and Tom. Not that the other people aren't cool. Some of them are, some aren't.

I've got three days off that I'm going to spend writing and editing, playing videogames and watching TV. I feel like such a loser. If Curtis were here we'd do something fun. I just wish I had people who I could call up or that would call me and we'd hang out or something. Rochelle and Tom do that sometimes, but I miss the people in Kalamazoo. I miss my old friends.

I wish I had something fun to do. I wish I had money to spare so that I could do something fun. I'm in Los Angeles. I'm in Hollywood. There's tons of stuff out there, there are tons of people. I just don't know where to go. I don't want to go to clubs or big parties. I don't want to go to bars, because I go alone and I just sit there and don't meet anyone, and I just feel more alone. Like the guy in the Nighthawks painting.

I've got too much to do to have a social life. Maybe I'll call Tom and Rochelle this weekend and we'll go to Citywalk. Maybe I'll just sit here all weekend at this computer.



  • Who'd have thought Hollywood would have something in Common with Alma, MI.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jan 22, 02:30:00 AM EST  

  • hey dude, just play the beatles norwegian wood, put a smile on your face and say what the fuck? it's inspiring. why not just talk to some wanna be model or actress, the worst she'll do is ask you what car you drive and you can tell her a red cavalier peice of shit. good luck

    By Blogger Your Bro Brent, at Sat Jan 22, 04:44:00 AM EST  

  • eh, it's all good, i've got a lot to do anyway.

    By Blogger Joseph, at Sat Jan 22, 05:45:00 AM EST  

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