If You Build It, They Will Come.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

JoFish19: I had the most bizarre dream last night.
JoFish19: It was really long too.
jduke1551: bizarre eh?
JoFish19: yeah
JoFish19: wanna hear it?
jduke1551: sure
JoFish19: ok ok ok
JoFish19: so...
JoFish19: I was coming home, and I open the back door and theres all kind of people in my house that I don't know.
JoFish19: so i found my roommate and he says they're having a 2 week long party
JoFish19: I'm like, okay, I'll be in my room.
JoFish19: hes like it's ok if you hang out with us and stuff.
JoFish19: so for some reason I grab a cigarette, and i walk out into the living room, and my grandma is out there.
JoFish19: so i quickly try to hide the cigarette, because I don't want to get into that whole discussion, but it doesn't work.
JoFish19: so she's yelling at me and I go outside to finish the rest of the cigarette, and then Milhouse from the Simpsons shows up, and he tells me he wants to show me something.
jduke1551: hah ha milhouse
JoFish19: and he's a cartoon, just walking amongst real people
JoFish19: so I follow him through this jungle to this little shack place that has a downstairs
JoFish19: and someone starts shooting at us
JoFish19: so we run as fast as we can into this shack, and it turns out this isn't a shack at all, but an entrance to a giant space ship
JoFish19: so we go in to the ship and its huge, and there's a giant metal deck with people standing in long lines, and to the left it looks as if were in a giant stadium, because theres tens of thousands of people in stands watching all of us in line.
JoFish19: and so me and Milhouse separate, and this alien comes up to me.
JoFish19: and he's like "make your choice" and he points to this computer thing
JoFish19: so I look at the computer, because I don't want to let on that we're not supposed to be there.
JoFish19: and it's all these choices about a girl. like height, hair color, breast size, all this stuff. and I look at the front of the line, and there are these androids that are being created based on these choices that the other people get ten minutes alone to boink.
JoFish19: people are boinking androids.
JoFish19: and the big crowd is the press covering this event.
JoFish19: so, I put in all these statistics.
jduke1551: like live android porn?
JoFish19: no like you put in what you want, and the machine comes out with your dream girl, and then when you get to the front of the line, you get to spend ten minutes with an anrdroid in a secluded chamber.
JoFish19: an android of your dream girl.
JoFish19: or guy
JoFish19: so I put in all my stuff and I get to the front of the line, and I'm watching the process. The android starts out looking like a mannequin, and then there's all these flashing lights and noises and then it comes out as the girl.
JoFish19: but I'm watching very closely.
JoFish19: and the chamber during all the flashing and noise quickly rotates and another chamber comes up with a person in it that looks kind of like what you picked.
JoFish19: so you aren't boinking a robot, you're boinking a real person.
JoFish19: and then I realize that these aliens have started some kind of prostitution ring and the girls are all enslaved.
JoFish19: so I step out of line, to the back
JoFish19: and I see this guy named Luis.
JoFish19: He's a french guy, from the Resident Evil game I finished last night.
JoFish19: I tell him what I think is going on. He says that we'll wait till we get back to the front of the line until we make our move.
JoFish19: so we get back up, and ends up like four people ahead of me.
JoFish19: then all of a sudden he wigs out, and he starts ninja kicking people
JoFish19: and he starts fighting all the alien "pimps"
JoFish19: so I join in and we fight them and let the girls go
JoFish19: and we start running away and they start chasing us
JoFish19: and then we find R2-D2
JoFish19: and I turn R2-D2 on while Luis keeps throwing all these aliens over the balcony to their death
JoFish19: Then R2-D2 starts turning on other robots that look like him and they start helping us fight the aliens
JoFish19: R2-D2 then goes to try to shut off the power to the ship, because it's taking off. and Luis and I run some more until we split up and I find a way to get on top of the ship
JoFish19: and it's a star destroyer from star wars, and there's like three more out there, and they're taking off too
JoFish19: they're jumping to light speed, and ours is the only one left.
JoFish19: and it starts to jump, and i'm about to die sitting outside this thing, when all of a sudden the lights flicker and go out.
JoFish19: but then the space ship, which is already in the air, starts to crash.
JoFish19: and it crashes into this big icy river
JoFish19: but it's too large to sink
JoFish19: so I don't go under.
JoFish19: then everyone comes out of the ship, and somehow, I'm an alien too, because I have never been to earth
JoFish19: but I'm really excited to be there
JoFish19: and we establish that we're in St. Louis
JoFish19: and it's snowy
JoFish19: and we start walking around the street, and it was a really nice time.
JoFish19: That's all.
JoFish19: That was my dream.
jduke1551: I'm speechless
JoFish19: it was awesome


  • WEIRD, I had that same dream last night.

    By Blogger Eowyn Mishawn, at Sun Jan 30, 11:01:00 PM EST  

  • At least I didn't stab you this time.

    By Blogger Kristine Williams Boswell, at Tue Feb 01, 02:39:00 PM EST  

  • I've been meaning to ask you about screenwriting software. What do you use? What should I use? How can I get it at a discount? Wheer do babies come from? No, wait, that last one wasn't for you. :)

    Anyhoo, any pointers you could give me would be way helpful. I have a book I need to adapt and I don't want to format by hand on an open source word processor.

    By Blogger Johanna Marie, at Thu Feb 03, 11:00:00 AM EST  

  • lay off the nyquil

    By Blogger brent, at Fri Feb 04, 04:07:00 PM EST  

  • final draft. it's really special. as to where to get it or how to buy it or whatever... no idea. if i were an immoral person i'd probably suggest SOFTWARE PIRACY. however, i in no way condone, support or in any way shape or form suggest that IS THE BEST WAY as it is in fact illegal. whatever you do, please don't RIP OFF the hard working people of THE SOFTWARE industry. YOU SHOULDN'T have a hard time finding it online if you want to BUY IT. if you decide to look FOR it, i think it's AN excellent idea to not just use the products site but look UNder like amazon or ebay. i think it's a REASONABLE PRICE. only a couple hundred or so.

    please, don't JUST STEAL IT. IT'S REALLY not WORTH IT.

    :) -j

    By Blogger Joseph, at Fri Feb 04, 09:20:00 PM EST  

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