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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Project! Need your help too!!

I have to write a thesis script by tomorrow, and I can't come up with any ideas. That's not entirely true, I have some ideas, I have a great short story by Marcy to work with, but I've decided I want to do something funny. I had such a great time with Twelve Page Paper, and I love doing comedies. The bigger projects I've done here are all creepy stuff, (Photograph, Rain) and I don't want to have people look at my reel and think I'm only capable of creepiness. I, however, have not been able to come up with something funny. Writer's block. I know I've got something, I just can't get to it.

What I'm asking is for ANY idea, good, bad, or ugly, that I can either use, or take and work from and jump start my own creative process. Who knows, I may have something by the time I finish writing this post. If anyone has any marijuana, smoke a lot of it, then write a comment. The film can only be 15 minutes, so no epic ideas will work.

Anything at all is appreciated. Thanks.



  • Thanks for all your help. I see everyone values Lola over me. That's okay, I knew that.

    I got an idea anyway.

    By Blogger Joseph, at Fri Jan 28, 01:42:00 AM EST  

  • Joe you didn't even give us enough time to write!

    Anyway--- how bout this guy is driving down the road and he gets pulled over by an ambulance. The ambulance guys are like "sir, oh my god sir, you need to go to the hostpital!" and the guy's like "What? I'm just driving to my mom's house" (he's kind of a Napoleon Dynamite looking guy) and the ambulance guys are like "get the jaws of life! cut the car!" and the guy's like "no! see I can get out!" and then the ambulance guys pull guns from their belt and then they're like "get down on the ground sir! put your hands behind your head!" and the guy's like "ahh!" Then....a guy pops up on the screen and he's like "what if ambulances chased you for clients?"

    That would be cool

    By Blogger Jack, at Fri Jan 28, 07:16:00 AM EST  

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