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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Nerd Alert.

Ok, so the other day I finished the novel of Revenge of the Sith. So now I know what happens. If the movie matches the book, it starts out pretty cool, then lulls, then ends pretty cool.

However, what I was weary of the entire time is true. If the movie matches the book, episode 3 doesn't match into episode 4, or for that matter, episode 5. There are a few minor points that don't really fit. Small things. But just enough to know that George Lucas was kind of full of crap when he said he had this stuff thought out from the beginning.

That is, if the book matches the movie. Which, I'm sure it does at least 95%. So take this as a warning. After the new movie comes out in May, nerds everywhere will be upset about every small detail that doesn't match, the same way they were when Wolverine was taller than 5'2" in the X-Men movie. Be cautious, and ready to be annoyed by every mom's basement dwelling self proclaimed Jedi around the world.



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