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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Oh, it gets better...

Hi folks, it's 2:30am out on the west coast. Let's recap the last day.

Dave called at about 3pm to tell me not to show up to set today until they called me, because they're changing the call time, but they weren't sure to what. So I sat by the phone, and waited. And waited. Call time was originally 4:30pm. At 8pm I called Dave to ask "WTF?" He tells me, oh yeah, the shoot for tonight is cancelled. Instead we'll be shooting at 6am the tomorrow. Expect a "long day."

First of all, rude, for not calling me.

Second of all, lame, for blowing everyone's day. I'm done with my shoot, but no one else is, so everyone could've used today instead of sleeping in preparing for a 5pm-5am shoot.

Third of all, crap, for throwing off our schedules, because it's 2:30am, and I can't sleep, and I need to be ON SET in three and a half hours.

Fourth of all, you suck, for forcing Cesar to push back his shoot so that you can make up for the slowness of the day before.

Fifth of all, what the hell, because if you could only get 12 shots in 12 hours, two 16 hour days aren't going to help you at all if you have 85 freaking shots to get in one room.

Anyway, a few days ago, I posted at The Coughing Dog, that there would be a surprise on the site yesterday. I just got it done by the skin of my teeth and uploaded at 11:57pm. Check it out.



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