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Thursday, June 30, 2005

"Things could get worser."

Ok, so we've determined one of the 120GB harddrives I've got has committed suicide. Unfortunately it was the drive that had ALL my films on it. Most of them are recoverable, a couple may be lost for good, including an editable copy of The Looker. John brought over this program that is supposed to be able to recover that stuff. Due to the large files that I'm trying to recover, at current rate of speed, a full recovery will take literally three years, four months, two weeks, three days, five hours, and seventeen minutes.

Needless to say, unless it speeds up, it's gone.

I'm going to call Cesar tomorrow, and seee if I still have my original mini dv tapes at nyfa for looker. If not, it's kind of gone. I still have a copy of it on the computer, just not one I can change the soundtrack to. (Odd, I rarely end sentences with prepositions.) ...just not one where the soundtrack is changable. (better). It's likely whatever virus wiped me out last time may have damaged the actual hard drive. It never fully recovered and I was unable to rebuild the array that John had originally set up. It seems to have been damaged ever since. It may have never even been a virus, rather just a burn out of a bad hard drive. Who knows.

Keep your fingers crossed.


p.s. Ten points if you know what the title of this post is a quote from. (dammit I did it again). ...if you know where I got the quote for the title of this post.


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