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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Kansas Pt. II

Eleven hours. I made it from Denver CO to Wentzville MO in eleven hours. Kansas really wasn't as bad this time as I remember it being. Mainly because I did my best not to look at the (lack of) scenery.

I had a weird dream last night that I was really trying to drive to North Carolina to a beach house/cabin at Carolina Beach where all my friends from Kalamazoo I've pretty much ever known were hanging out. Jon, Laura Barb, Lesley, Mike, Amy, Bethany, Laura Schwab, Kristine, Jason, Dan, Vicki, Jamie, Charlie, Johanna, Ryan, Jen, Jackie, Paul, Rob, Lola, Jes, Marcy, John, Adam, Pimpin Tim, Brill, Yerty, Jeff, Cori... everybody. But I couldn't get there in time, so everybody left. Kind of a bummer.

So now I'm just outside of St. Louis, staying with my parents. My mom flies in... actually she already landed. They should be back soon. She stayed in California a few extra days to visit my aunt.

My stay in Denver was really cool. I got to hang out with Éowyn and even saw Kristine for a little bit. Éowyn's apartment is awesome. We saw the new Star Wars, she showed me around Denver (which I am convinced is the exact copy of Kalamazoo, only larger), I watched many episodes of Friends (she had to work one of the days I was there, and so I was stuck). Regretably I didn't get a chance to see my aunt and uncle who live in Boulder. We did go to a screening of short indie films at a Group 101 session. It was pretty cool. The coolest part though is that Éowyn posted a link to "The Looker" on the CASA site, and then when she introduced me to the other directors, a bunch of them had already seen it, and one of them had seen it a few times and started explaining it to other people. I felt pretty famous.

So anyway, I think the plan is to stay here until tuesday morning. So hopefully tuesday night I should be home in Kalamazoo. (that's weird to say again.) Unless I stop along the way. However, I probably won't, as my parents are driving to Michigan on wednesday apparently, and some of the bigger stuff that they kept when I went to Los Angeles, they might be able to drop off. If not in Kalamazoo, in Marine City.

At any rate, I'll see you guys soon.

And thanks again Éowyn. Now I'm going to have to get used to the idea that you're two hours behind me instead of an hour ahead.

And Kristine, I'm sorry we didn't get to hang out a little more. Sorry too that I ate your left over cheesecake. And your left over quesadilla. I hadn't eaten all day, and I was planning on getting food after you left, but you took my key, so I couldn't leave the apartment. Éowyn said I could. :)



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