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Friday, June 24, 2005


Okay, as most of you know, last night the Pistons lost a close game seven against the Spurs who are now the NBA Champs. Congrats to San Antonio. I was at the Roadhouse for the game with Jason Ervin and Chris Brill, and we noticed these specific types of fans.

The 'We' Fans: "We really played well tonight." "We'll get 'em next year." Really? Are you on the team? If so then what are you doing here and not playing, your absenteism may have just cost Detroit the NBA Championship. If not, stop saying 'we.' 'We' is fine for a high school sports team if you go to that high school. Not a pro team.

The 'I'm-not-getting-enough-attention-while-the-game-is-on' girls: The obnoxious girls who route loudly for the other team, though they have no idea what the three point line is, they just want the attention that the NBA Finals take away from them. Last night I likened this to me and Jason following them to the mall and cheering obnoxiously when those shoes they wanted came off sale and went back to retail price. We don't really care, we're just being immature. I'd have dumped her, not for cheering for the Spurs over the Pistons (which of course is how she'd take it, and tell all her friends she got dumped for that) but because she's a person who can't handle 3-4 hours of 'not all about her' time.

The 'It's-not-over-yet' fans: Down by 7 with 35 seconds to go? It's over.

The 'It's-over-and-our-team-sucks' fans: You fair weather bastards, they made it to game 7 of the finals, they don't suck. On paper, there's only one team better than them.

The 'It's-over-but-I-can't-deal-with-it' fans. There was a whole table of these clowns next to us. Final buzzer goes off, confetti, 'We are the Champions' playing over the PA system in San Antonio, they're talking about "if he had just made that shot." "That one play was travelling." "That ref sucked." "That was never a foul." Then one guy blew up and verbally assaulted Texas, (which I admit, was fun to listen to.) Another guy was extremely pissed off because no one had any plans on what bar they were going to next (to me it looked like a decision they all wanted to make without him knowing). After screaming nearly every explative I've ever heard at the top of his lungs to some guys who were leaving without him, he stormed out like a pouty five-year-old.

The 'good' fans:
The ones who were bummed at the loss, looked at each other disappointed, and then went about their night. The occasional "man, that sucks" would be heard, but then they'd drink a little more beer, and focus on what they focus on at bars every other day of the year: that hot chick at the end of the bar. Others, knowing she was out of his league, observed the other fans at the bar so he could write about them in his blog later.

I've been having the weirdest dreams lately. Everynight it's something completely bizarre. Last night I was at a rock concert at NYFA with Triple H. No idea why.

Today I'm going to try to finish my reel. I'm still waiting on my DVD from NYFA, and one from Dave containing our 35mm stuff. Tomorrow is Jamie's graduation party. Congratulations Flynn.

Take care everyone.



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