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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8

If anyone wants to actually watch Live 8 without all the MTV interruption, go here.

I swear, the people at MTV are utterly ridiculous. They're running this show like they run TRL.

John Norris: "Let's go up to the stage! U2 and Paul McCartney are playing Sgt. Pepper!"

Bono, Paul: "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hea...."

John Norris: "Wow! That was great, let's talk to Jimmy Fallon! Jimmy what do you think of Live 8?"

Jimmy Fallon: "I like it, it's really cool. I can't wait to see Pink Floyd."

John Norris: "Let's go out to the crowd!"

No name MTV VJ: "We're out in the crowd! What did you think of U2 and Paul McCartney?"

Random Kid: "I liked it! I want to see Jay Z!"

No name MTV VJ: "What do you think of poverty in Africa?"

Random Kid: "I don't like it. It's bad. I do like Jay Z."

No name MTV VJ: "Okay let's go to Philly now."

No name MTV VJ in Philadelphia: "Wow, we just saw the most awesome performance of Coldplay! Back to you John Norris!"

John Norris: "Wow, this is a great show! Brad Pitt just said some really inspiring stuff! Annie Lennox is on stage behind me! Let's go backstage now and talk to the janitor!"

On the above link you can actually watch the content going on as opposed to hearing some asshole commentators talk about how cool it was.

Also to help the cause, please sign the petition here. It takes five seconds, and it's extremely worthwhile. You don't need to donate anything, and if you don't want to put your email address, put down "thecoughingdog@yahoo.com." They won't spam you.

Also, there's a spot to add your name to the Live 8 list on the link above. Please do that too.

Do what you can.



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