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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tee hee hee

Yerty drew boobies.

Hello everyone. What's new here?

Erin gets back from her very much deserved sunny Florida vacation tomorrow. As lame as it is that she has to go back to Richmond Indiana, I'm looking forward to her coming home so I can go visit her this weekend.

In the last two days, I've been having these anxiety tremors I'll call them. I'll be sitting still doing nothing special, then all of a sudden I feel slight panic and nervousness, and then I feel my heart rate speed up and I start breathing heavier. I think I know what started it, or what's causing it, but I don't know. It's almost like I had too much caffiene.

I'm waiting for some good news. I'm planning a trip to Denver this June (1-6) and I'm waiting to hear if my PTO for it has been approved or not. I hope it doesn't take too long for the decision, because the round trip flight is very cheap right now.

Also, my computer may have re-fried itself. One of the drives I have is bad, and has crapped out again. Luckily there wasn't much on it. Nothing at all important.

I'm going to have to drop off the machine to John to see if he can fix these issues I've got. Also, I'm trying to hook up the second monitor I got from Wade in California, and I've had conflicting reports on the possibility of it. Jon K says it's as easy as hooking up another PCI ATI video card. John A (who built the PC) says it'll be more complicated if not super expensive.

We shall see.

Lost night tonight. Sun is pregnant. Carla is pregnant on Scrubs, which I've really started to like. Really cool show. Dr. Cox is my favorite character. I love his little monologues, like:

"Okay, think of what little patience I have as, oh, I don't know, your virginity. You always thought it would be there, until that night Junior Year when you were feeling a little down about yourself and your pal Kevin, who just wanted to be friends, well, he dropped by and he brought a copy of About Last Night and a four-pack of Bartels & James and woo hoo hoo, it was gone forever - just like my patience is now."


"You'd better go ahead and enjoy this while you can, Bob, because if your evil genie goes ahead and grants your wish and I'm gone forever, then the only one you're going to be able to contend with around here is yourself. And when you really get to know that person, oh, dear God, you'll scream so loud that Satan will want to tear up that contract he made with you at birth just so he can get some sleep."

Anyway, almost time to head over. See ya.



  • Alot depends on how badly drivers conflict if you want to add another card. If you want 3 outputs on a single card is where you run into epensive problems.(vga vga tv is what you mentioned before) I think i still have your geforce 2 from your old machine kicking around here somewhere. (nvidia and ati drivers hate eachother but it might work or we could try generic vga drivers) At any rate an extra pci video card will work, I guess I was just being retarded when you called and wasnt thinking of multiple cards. Give me a call and drop it off sometime. Im on a roll with 20 minute fixes latley.

    By Blogger John, at Thu Mar 30, 01:59:00 PM EST  

  • yeah. what he said.



    *goes back to games...

    By Blogger M R C, at Thu Mar 30, 06:03:00 PM EST  

  • oh yeah, did you get that e-mail i sent you a while back about the hard disk controler drivers?

    By Blogger John, at Fri Mar 31, 03:22:00 AM EST  

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