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Saturday, January 21, 2006

"We don't want to talk about Dave."

Been a while....

It was an interesting day yesterday. I started out okay, then moved to slightly grouchy when a customer accused me of making his LG phone unable to support MP3 ringtones simply so that I could make more money. Then we move on to the customers who decided to stay until just after an hour after we closed asking all types of stupid questions. Then, of course there was Jon and I escorting a completely random, extremely drunk kid six blocks through the freezing cold and ridiculous heavy snowfall wearing a t-shirt and a hoodie, while he bled profusely through a large head wound he may or may not have received by falling face first into the side of our house at 1:30 in the morning, only to be on a party line with is drunk ex-boyfriend in Oshtemo who was only concerned with whether or not he broke his glasses, to be accused of trying to steal his cell phone, to be threatened to be "cut" if we talked about Dave, and of course there was the not so subtlely played sarcastic "thanks a lot" when we handed him over to the EMT's at about 2:45am.

God bless the Student Ghetto.

The best part is, I couldn't have made that up, and I'm pretty sure you'll see it in a movie I do sometime.

In other news, I'm planning a week long trip to Denver this June. It should be a very good time.



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