If You Build It, They Will Come.

Friday, April 26, 2002

I'm in a house. It's kind of run down, although it could be elegant with a little TLC. My parents are here too. As a matter of fact so is my entire family. It's surprisingly dark in here for how light it is outside. My grandma is in the kitchen making fruit salad. My uncle Ed is out on the back porch with my dad, the entire family is scattered all around the house when suddenly there is a scream.

Everyone rushes back to the foyer to see my great grandmother crushed under a fallen chandiler. We stare in silence not knowing what to do when my dad is knocked through the air and back into the wall. He falls hitting the ground completely limp. We don't have to check, we know he's dead too. It hits Ed too. Ed is gone. There's something here, but we cannot see it. It's attacking my family. I see it swipe out my aunt Stacy when it grabs me.

I feel a hand grab me around my torso, my arms are stuck down. It starts squeezing and I feel the blood rush to my head. I can't breathe, my eyes are watering so I close them. I try to scream but nothing happens. Suddenly the pressure is gone. I open my eyes, and I see my dad. He's shaking me. I look around and there's Ed, Stacy, and my grandma. We're all dead, but we're still in the house. In the attic. We're ghosts. My brother Brent fades into the room screaming. He's dead too. Through the attic door we hear people yelling, crying. There's a giant bottomless hole in front of the door. Ed jumps it to get out, but when he opens the door, an overpowering gust blows him back into the hole. We feel defeated.

More and more people are fading into the room, and we realize whatever this thing is, it's killing everyone. I jump the hole and go for the door. I hold onto the wall tightly and open the door. The gust is intense but isn't hard to get past if you're expecting it. I get through the door and yell back to the rest of the ghosts that we can get through. I run downstairs and from the stairway overlooking the Foyer, I can see it.

It's huge. A giant black mixture of arms and teeth floating around the room while the remaining living members of my family run around terrified and blind. They can't see it, or us. It can see us though, when we reach the foyer, it comes after us again. It hits just as hard even though we're already dead. Brent and I find these ninja weapons, a bo and a kitana. The creature grows a head and feet, it looks somewhat human now as it chases the ghosts around the house. It's seemed to leave the living people alone and focused only on us. The alive people still cannot see us or it and think it has left. They all wander around saddened and frightened looking at all our bodies. My mom is still alive and she's crying like crazy. Brent and I see the creature walks down the stairs, it sees me.

We both step out onto the back porch by walking through the kitchen wall. Brent stands behind the door, hiding just out of sight, I stand in plain view, baiting the creature with the kitana hidden behind my back. It comes running towards me. I am very scared. It comes through the door and Brent drops the bo in front of its feet tripping it, and in one swift motion, turns around and with the other end of the bo, strikes the creature under its jaw, tipping its head up into the air. I take one quick shot at its exposed throat with the kitana and take its head off. It hits the ground in two pieces, both of which simply disappear. I go out to investigate where it went when my dad comes out of the house onto the porch with us. I look at the grass when my dad looks at me and says, "Joseph... you're outside."

I pause and look back up, he is right. If I was a ghost, I shouldn't be able to go outside. Brent follows me, and the rest of the ghosts eventually come outside with me. I see a soccer ball on the ground and kick it straight into my dad's leg. It stops. I kicked it, and it hit him. Overjoyed, we run out of the back yard around the house towards the street out front. I see someone driving around slowly and start obnoxiously yelling to him. He turns his head and waves.

He saw me.

"We're alive!" I scream turning away from him back to my family who are all just as excited as I was. We all smile, and laugh as we hea back into the house to let everyone know that we are all okay.

When you mix two whiskey sours, a chocolate shake, french fries, Pepsi, and cold pizza within two hours before bed, these are the kinds of dreams you wake up remembering. At least it ended happy.


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