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Saturday, April 20, 2002

Inside My Mind.

Being cheery all the time is hard work. I want to argue with an athiest. I got new pants. Chicken Parmesean is pretty good, but hardly filling when it is a TV dinner. Laura's phone is busy. Marcy is busy tonight. I have nothing to do. I hope my tax refund gets here soon. I'd like to go out tonight. I'd wear my new pants. Finals are next week. I'm going to finish school as with a BA in Behavioral Science, and a minor in Computer Science. Two things that couldn't be further apart on the spectrum. I hate behavioral science. It is so stupid. It's so hard to major in something you don't believe. Something you can sit in class and listen to the teacher while realizing how wrong they are. It's like taking classes that make you explain why you think the world is flat. Then I think about other classes I've taken. My class on how to catagorize fairy tales in 155 different categories. When you sit in class and are told things that you don't believe, it turns you off to the class. I had an ecology class that I took that told how bad pollution was and everything, and yeah it's bad, but even facts can be skewed to make them seem so much more detrimental and high impact. And when a teacher tells you that 800,000 dump trucks can circle the earth 5 times, and you think that a dump truck is about 25 feet long means that 800,000 dump trucks in a row would make a line 20,000,000 feet long. 20,000,000 feet is 3787 miles, and if that is five times around the world, than once around the world is 757 miles. I live in Kalamazoo Michigan. It is 780 miles from here to Atlanta. Far short from the circumference of the planet. This was however on the midterm. And I had to write an answer that was so obviously false just to get a grade. And as I sit in behavioral science classes and hold my tounge, it gets very difficult to swallow my pride, and I find myself disillusioned. I've taken classes that have completely captured my interest, like Greek Mythology. You don't have to believe in Greek Mythology to enjoy it, to understand it.

Oh well. I am one of many. Or am I? Am I alone?


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