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Friday, October 04, 2002

Windows Update can bite me. My computer was dead for a week and a half, but thanks to John, it now lives again.

Laura W. said nothing good came from the eighties except the Breakfast Club. Jon disagreed, apparently naming many things that came from the eighties he thinks worthy of mention. I can't read his response, because I can't see his archives and he writes like twenty five posts a day, but apparently he stuck a chord with the A-Team. Laura then remembered MacGyver.

Now in my opinion, I could do without the Breakfast Club. I could even do without the A-Team. MacGyver is definately a keeper though. But while all the music was annoying as hell, I think the best album ever came out of the eighties. Of course I mean U2's "The Joshua Tree." Then of course there was Showbiz Pizza, later called Chuck E. Cheese. The thing was, Showbiz's main characters were the animatronic band members. They were the ones who walked around and played with the kids, whilst simultaniously being on stage singing songs. Chuck E. Cheese was only a bit player, he was mentioned at best, he occasionally walked around while I was playing TMNT2 the Arcade Game or Skeeball. Then one day it was all Chuck E. Cheese. Like overnight the mouse threw a coup de tat and stormed the Showbiz Pizza castle. The old players were overthrown in the bloody battle and faded into oblivion. It was a terrible fight of teenagers in big costumes with giant heads duking it out, and when all the dust settled, Chuck E. Cheese stood tall and victorious. More than likely the CEO's just decided to take the company in a slightly different direction, and changed the name, but to tell you the truth, I like my version better.

Other than that and the fall of the Berlin Wall, I think the eighties were pretty pointless. I know Jon's upset because I'm leaving out Back to the Future. Good films. I like how 2015 is going to look like 1985 on even more crack. But... well... Back to the Future was pretty cool. But if I mention that then I have to mention Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Other than that... and of course the Miracle On Ice. And that's it.


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