If You Build It, They Will Come.

Sunday, August 18, 2002

I'm going to kill her. So help me God, I'm going to just kill her. Never have I met someone that I just hate so much. I almost threw down today at work. Almost. My boss is a 40 year old married with kid fat ugly lady. She has no business managing a video game store. She's the type of person who yells at me for my numbers, though my numbers beat hers every week. She tells you to do it one way, and yells at you when you do. She's an idiot, a hypocrite, a slack ass, she has no people skills, no concept of how to run a business, no fresh ideas, shes a dinosaur, she could've run this store about 12 years ago. She did too, then it changed, and she didn't change with it. She's outdated, and she shows it. She asks why nothing got done.... the answer is usually that (a) it did get done, she just forgot what she asked us to do, (b) it didn't get done, she just forgot she told us not to do it, (c) it couldn't get done, because as soon as she told us to do it, she told us to do something else too, (d) it couldn't get done because I was too busy catching her lazy ass up with all the shit she was supposed to be doing during the week, but instead, left work a half hour early (while still on the clock) to go to the Disney store to buy her kid a toy, or sat in the back and talked to her other idiot fat ugly too old lady friend who she got a manager position in our store in Battle Creek (that store has gone to hell too.) She sees our DM as a threat because he won't stand for her old fashionness. I won't either. It's my opinion that that woman has no business running our store. She tells us to prep for inventory, then tells us to rearrange the store because she doesn't like the way it looks, the week before the full store inventory. When we struggle over which to do first, and since she's never lifted a f*%king finger in her own store for anything significant, or that needs to be done, but only to move everything to someplace else so no one knows where the hell anything is, she tells us to forget the inventory prep because we "run a pretty tight ship." Then inventory comes and she starts bitching at me because I had to do three or four seconds of extra work reading a few numbers, and inventory prep hadn't been done, "like she suggested."

I'm going to talk to the DM about her. I need to call him tomorrow anyway. Tonight was inventory, I got home a half hour ago. It's now 11:40pm. Bambi did the schedule. She left tonight right after me. But where as she has the next day and a half off, I open bright and early tomorrow. I sat there when she did it. "I'm going to have you open, and, jeez, I'm taking the next day off.... hmm, actually, the next two days off." The bitch is going to die.

After ranting, I feel a little better. Not much. I need to punch something, hard. Where's the cat....

Just kidding.

-the joe


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