If You Build It, They Will Come.

Monday, December 15, 2003

...ok we got him... can my friends come home now?

Was this war a success, now that we've captured Saddam Hussein? That's how it'll be spun. Not that he really matters, he hasn't been in power since a week or two after we got there. And considering that we went in to "find weapons of mass destruction," and have yet to find a shred of evidence that they've ever had any... I'd say no.

Am I a naysayer? No. I'm glad we got him. It seems the least we could do for putting him there in the first place. But now GWB is put in a tough place. See, he told us all that Hussein and bin Laden were buddies (actually the opposite is true, the two were bitter enemies. Hussein was labeled as an infedel by bin Laden for allowing a secular government in Iraq instead of a Muslim state), and now that we have Hussein, the Americans have no reason to be in Iraq anymore. The conflict is over.

But we won't leave. Why? Because removing Hussein from power wasn't why we were there. Freeing the Iraqis is not why we were there. Even finding weapons of mass destruction was not why we were there. Any good lawyer will tell you that you never ask a question you don't already know the answer to. The same logic applies here. You don't start a war over weapons unless you're sure they have weapons. They don't. That's not why we're there. So finding Saddam accomplished nothing, although it is a perfect way for GWB to weasel out of having to answer for a war we did not need to fight. If his reasons for going there were true, we would leave now.

But we won't.

We haven't gotten what we came for yet.


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