If You Build It, They Will Come.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Good news:

It's official. I was officially accepted at NYFA. Official is a funny word if you look at it. O-Fish-Al. Nice...

Sunny Florida, here I come.

Bad news:

My week old Sport Trac is kind of destroyed. I got into a serious car accident thursday, and it's in really bad shape. Possibly totalled. I'm waiting to hear back from the insurace peeps. I'm okay, like I said it could've been worse. Airbags stink. Not as in I don't like them, as in they reek. I hit a van trying to make a left too quickly. Completely his fault, he was cited. No one got seriously hurt, but I'm aching today. I hit him at about 45mph. Like I said, it could've been worse.

Cross your fingers for me and hope that it's totalled. If it is, I can easily afford this move to Florida. If not, this may be difficult.


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