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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

You know what they don't tell you? Carbs are what make you feel full. Now, I am constantly hungry. Even if I eat a big steak or something and can't eat any more, ten minutes later I'm hungry again.

I'm about to go out to eat. Maybe I'll call Mark. I'm not sure where to go, everything is like 20 minutes away. Except Bucks, which is awesome, but if I can't eat carbs, I can't have their awesome spaghetti.

Filmfights is going to have a paranoid thriller category in the weeks upcoming that I think I'm going to enter. It's just a quick 3-5 minute film. I can use this house, which is rather big. I think I'm going to make it a guy home alone and he keeps hearing stuff or something. Any ideas? Leave a comment.

Ok. I'm starving. Later peeps.


ps. I'm thinking of starting another community blog like the 3Pimps site. If you're into this idea, let me know in the comments section. If not, it would be futile. That way since everyone is moving everywhere else, we can all keep in touch. Let me know.


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