If You Build It, They Will Come.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Don Vito

"He's got no tiddly just joogle, you can't just goat duggle. Hammer and nail and hammer, something and expect it to grow! Beglat you've got these idiots... Sitting hernwhaga ehhhm, just sitting glawhahwaglahhh. What they're doing! "

"I'm good. I'm good. I ain't gonna hit on a 20. Are you sick in the head?... Who's gonna hit on a 20? You gotta be mentally insane. Whadberderrr... habberdere! "

"Now you've got my eyes covered with ice-en-ning!"

When told he can't just go to the Playboy Mansion:
"YESHU DO! When ya're got a 20 year subscribtion they let you in!"


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