If You Build It, They Will Come.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


I got the Donnie Darko Directors Cut, and I still don't care what certain naysaysers (namely Jon Kameya) say, this movie is f'n brilliant. Not only in it's really bizarre and unique and quite trippy storyline, but in it's visual style. Richard Kelly, a student from USC directed this when he was my age. How badass do you have to be to be a 24 year old director and get Jake and Magie Gyllenhall, Drew Barrymore, Patrick Swayze, and Noah Wyle to be in your film. Not only that, to get Drew Barrymore to finance it. Why? Because it's freakin' awesome. And by freakin' awesome, I mean totally sweet.

Tomorrow, techincally today, technically in seven hours, I start a 16mm directors practicum, that I litterally couldn't care less about. We're filming a scene from Swingers. Totally cool movie. I'm shooting the scene where Trent and Mike meet Lisa and her friend, the Dorothy. Okay scene, kind of funny. But seriously, if I have time, I'm going to get them to do the "You're the bear and you've got these big fucking claws and these fangs and you can't figure out how to kill the bunny..." scene. That's my favorite. Very close with the "Our baby's all grows up" scene at the end of the film.

At any rate, I should probably get to bed. Goodnight folks.



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