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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Good morning, Conan.

Wow, am I in a weird place right now. I have class from 10am until 8pm, and I woke up at 1. 1am. I think I fell asleep around 7pm. So that's only six hours for a nights sleep which is not long enough, however, that could also be considered a six hour nap. Meaning I don't know if I should go back to bed. I mean if I don't have to wake up until 8:30... that's a lot of sleep.

I had a dream that I was throwing a party at my granparents old house... wait that's not how it started. First I was playing a game with a few friends and they were trying to destroy my rug. I had a doormat, and for some reason they were trying to destroy it with cars. And the more they smashed up their cars and not the rug, the more I was winning. So we were all driving on the freeway and suddenly a car would spin around and come flying at me. (Think "Twisted Metal") I won the game by throwing the mat under an overpass, thus putting it out of harms way until time expired. (I don't really get it either) Then some LAPD officer stopped us. He concluded that there was nothing wrong with our game (driving on the wrong side of the road, smashing public and private proberty, wreckless endangerment... but all for fun) partially because I invited him and his wife to this party at my grandmothers old house.

So the cop and his wife show up at the party, I guess I wan't really expecting them to, and I instantly get nervous, because I'm sure I'm supplying alcohol to minors. There's a ton of the NYFA actors there, and I'm sure some have got to be underage. But he seems to be in "off-duty" mode. Then my friend Brea takes a drink out of his beer. Brea I know is only 19. So I grab her and bring her downstairs. I tell her the guy is a cop, and suddenly the cop comes downstairs. So I go to the wine cellar in the basement, pretending that that's why I came down. And in my dream, Grandpa's wine cellar also has beer on tap. Which is cool. So I get a glass of some beer I've never heard of before, and it tastes like an apple cider. It's some apple cider beer. Really good. I offer some to the cop and he says he's okay, he just wants to get changed and then he'll take off. This is terrific news as his prescence only makes me nervous.

I show him to the bedroom in the basement, which I believe all my grandparents kids at one time called theirs. Then Brent and Jordan are there. Jordan really wants to go to bed, and that's apparently now HIS bedroom. So I tell him that the cop is in there getting changed, and that he'll be out in a minute.

Well the cop wasn't out in a minute. He was in there for hours. In fact he was in there with his wife for hours. I knocked on the door, nothing. Eventually I guess Jordan just creeped in, and they were asleep, so he fell asleep too.

So the cop wakes up to Jordan sleeping next to his wife. And he flips out. I try to calm him down, saying it was his room and that he didn't know anyone was in there. The cop gets out of bed and proceeds to go into full "dick cop at the party" mode. Fortunately most everyone had left. He checks ID's, asks if this is my house, gives me a few smartass "your grandmothers house?" comments, asks who paid for the beer. Somehow, he's got nothing on me though. And so he leaves in this Jeep thing he has parked in the garage. His wife leaves shortly thereafter in the same tyoe of vehicle, but Jordan is in the car with her. Jordan seems still very sleepy and confused, and he says that she's taking him to get a stereo. Brent and I convince him to get out of the car.

Then the grandparents come back. They say something about Ed and Stacy getting rid of a bunch of their old movies, and we could probably have some if we asked. I decline because I smell gas. Then I notice the giant propane tank in the garage that's making this guys cigarette pop and spark everytime he's by it. He's showing it off like it's the coolest thing in the world.

I yell at him for being retarded, and I get over there quickly and tell everyone to stay out of the garage. And somehow in trying to tighten this valve on the tank, I managed to get stuck between the tank and some protective bars to stop the cars in the garage from rolling into the tank. I find a shelf that is part of the ceiling, and use it for leverage to escape. It works and I get free. My grandma wasn't happy that I pulled on the shelf that way. Then I woke up.

Yeah, the last part of my dream was kind of a "Ryan Story" wasn't it.

Now it's 1:30 am. I think I'll watch TV for a bit and try to go back to bed. Maybe I'll wake up at like 4am. WAY too early for having class at 10. Oh well.



  • Dear Joe,
    You have been chosen to participate in another of laura's photography projects. So after doing that last project about what people wouldn't want to live without, I decided that for my end of the year project, I want to do kind of the same thing, but all the shots are going to be one person. Example- I'm going to send you a survey type thing asking you about all kinds of things in your life (favorite memory, embarrassing moment, describe the place you consider 'home', what are some of your earliest memories that you see as snapshots in you mind, etc.) Then, taking that, I'm going to go out and shoot pictures of twenty things that I get out of your survey. Then, the twenty pictures are going to each be 4x4 in. and I'm going to display them as a square and it's going to be one 'photograph' and it will be titled with the persons name. I'm going to do that for ten people. So, where all that was going was, if I send you kind of a long survey, would you fill it out? You would have to fill it out really soon (like, tonight or tomorrow, because I have to go out and shoot the pictures this weekend, develop them and present them on tuesday). So let me know if you have the time! Love, Lola

    By Blogger Laura, at Wed Feb 09, 10:34:00 AM EST  

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