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Monday, April 25, 2005

Oh WIMM, how I've neglected thee....

It's been eleven days since I've posted anything. And that was about The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I cannot leave my loyal reader(s) with such a taste for eleven days. So here's a lot of more words.
We wrapped filming Nick's film "Infest" last Monday. Everything went really well. His set looked beautiful in it's absolute disgustingness. This woman is supposed to live in this gross apartment, and her murdered husband comes back to haunt her in the form of these Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

Now about the actual roaches, they were really creepy at first, but after about a day, they were really cool. They were pretty strong, and they actually hissed really loudly, but they didn't bite or anything. They'd just crawl around on you, which wasn't that bad. I played around with them a lot by the end of it. But John Nodilo ran away like a little girl everytime they were within ten feet of him. The actress had to put her hands in a sink that was filled with them and they were all crawling on her arms and stuff. Nick has definitely got some great shots in this film, some really creepy visuals. He's got a murky bathtub, that the husband keeps popping out of and everything. Dave and Nick and I had to put everything in these pictures back to its normal color, so we had to repaint the walls, tear down the flats and put all the props back. It was kind of a pain.

Dave tried to eat a cockroach. It didn't work out. He looks so confident.

Then we started work on Marcus's film "National Heroes." This is probably the most bizarre film I've been a part of. It's a mixture of comedy, and pornography, so I'm sure we'll have to get the grandparents to leave the theater for this screening.

However it looks absolutely hilarious. The story is about this guy who is fed up with not being able to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so he decides to look for them in Los Angeles. He runs into all these weird characters along the way, that are spoofs of other characters. He finds a guy named Charley in the woods who is a direct take of Carl from Slingblade. He meets up with a guy named Buggy Hair who is a pimp that drives a Hummer, and has cockroaches in his hair (we brought them back out) and is a take off of Huggy Bear from the Starsky and Hutch show. We also had some very attractive ladies in bikinis as his "hoes." The characters in this film are hilarious. The "soldier" looking for weapons is completely insane. His sad pathetic roommate who has just lost his girlfriend (who turns out to be the porn star) is played really well. All his characters are great. I had to shave my goatee because I have a cameo in this film, as the notorious George W. Bush, creeping through the woods in a cloak, with a globe in my hand. I had a W. mask. It was either that, or I was supposed to be a sex slave in the desert, and I could keep the goatee. It'll grow back.

Apparently what they shot on Saturday (I wasn't on set) was a really hot girl in lingerie, that eventually partially came off. I'm actually glad I wasn't on set. I would've just gotten bummed out, like when you're starving and they bring you a bunch of food, but you're not attractive, so they never let you have any of it. Oh, I'm a lonely man.

My old roommate Curtis is down for the weekend, he actually goes back up to Vancouver tomorrow. It's been really fun hanging out with him again, for what little time I've been able to.

Also, I'm planning on flying out somewhere in the next week or two. The plan has been always to go to Michigan, but the problem is I can't rent a car because I'm too young, and the only place I can fly into is either Detroit or Chicago, meaning someone would have to pick me up. The other option was to fly to Denver to see Kristine and Éowyn, but Kristine's family will be out there, and Éowyn might be working. Then I could also go to Missouri and hang out with my parents for a few days, which would be the nice thing to do, because I believe Mothers Day is right in there, and I haven't been there to visit since I drove through on my way out here. Then of course I could just stay in Los Angeles, and do nothing but edit and maybe help out on Nodilo's film for a week, which would put me pretty far ahead, but knowing myself, I'd probably just sleep in a lot and stay in my pajamas all day. I'm leaning towards Missouri right now, unless someone can pick me up in Michigan. Even then it's kind of a toss up. I'd feel kind of guilty for not going to Missouri, because both my brothers have gone to visit. But I'm also the kind of overworked that hanging out with my friends in Kalamazoo can definitely remedy. I don't know. I called the reservation place, and they said that I can make the reservation the day of the flight if I want to. So I can think it all over. I got a week.

I saw Sin City last night. I think the absolute best comic book to movie adaptation I've ever seen. Ultra violent, ultra stylistic, and voice overs you can almost read in the panels while you hear them. Very very well done. Elijah Wood: very very creepy. Nick Stahl, the Yellow Bastard: not as creepy as someone led me to believe.

That's about it from Hollywood. Tomorrow we check in/out, then go build a television set (a set for a TV show, not an actual TV.) Two more 5pm-5am shoots, one full day possibly Saturday, definitely Sunday, one more check in, a week off, three weeks of classes/editing, then I graduate. Hooray.




  • Joe's coming home? Yay! There is much fun to be had.

    Also, you can get from LAX to Kalamazoo without ever getting in a car. Fly into O'Hare and take one of the two train lines or the bus to Union Station and hop a train to K-zoo. I'll pick you up as long as it's not between noon and 2:30, Tuesday or Thursday. If you get tickets for the train now it'll be wicked cheap. Look here. :D

    By Blogger Johanna Marie, at Mon Apr 25, 09:50:00 PM EDT  

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