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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Dear Michael E. Pralle, CEO of General Electric

I've already posted too much about Serenity, but I just saw this on one of their message boards, and I really felt the need to comment.

There's a fan on these boards who is trying to get everyone to boycott the Sci-Fi Channel (and their parent company, all the way up to GE)until they pick up and run new Firefly episodes.

First of all FOX still owns Firefly, so that couldn't happen.

Second, to boycott General Electric would be next to impossible.

But most importantly, GE owns NBC-Universal. Universal released Serenity. So they'd have to boycott their movie that they worked so hard to get, (which it appears the majority of the public is doing anyway).

My question is if Serenity fans boycotted GE, do you think GE should care? Serenity fans are responsible for what at this point is a $50 million dollar debt. Universal took a chance and tried to please these guys once, and it bit them in the ass. If I were the Sci-Fi channel, I'd cancel all reruns and aquire the rights to Firefly, and promise the fans that they'd follow up and do a second season of Firefly, as long as the Serenity makes $125 million. Every fan would have to go see it like twice a day. They'd pay us back for the movie that they demanded. How awesome would that be. We'd boycott the fans.

Think about it.


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