If You Build It, They Will Come.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


So I'm looking for work in video production / editing, and I came across this.

In other news, today marks the ideallic conception of Bootyloo: The Happiest Place On Earth. Éowyn and I spent almost four hours on the phone designing the coolest loft apartment (which quickly became not just an apartment, but the entire building), complete with home theater, wine cellar, stage with retractable stripper pole, waterslide that goes from rooftop to basment pool, giant kitchen, secret passages with peepholes through portrait eyes, panic room with secruity monitors, a giant waterfall that goes the length of the building and past my bedroom which has a glass wall looking through the waterfall, a subtle pirate themed bedroom for me, a bedroom with retractable television and coffee bar for Éowyn, a freight elevator with code panels so evil-doers couldn't break in, a balcony, a rooftop heli-pad and tiki bar with outdoor patio furniture and a theater screen to watch movies or the game, an underwater pool elevator to bring people up for a second ride on the waterslide (which is transparent and goes through the rooms on the lower floors, and even outside of the building at parts), video intercoms, a bouncy trampoline room like those jumpy castle things for kids, a ball pit, a very dark zen room called "the Crypt" with water lights and six coffin like sensory deprivation tanks, a intricate tube system to pass stuff along like those things that suck up your checks at the bank, a giant arcade with pinball, Street Fighter 2, air hockey, a pool table, and virtual reality games, a party button just like the ones in the movies that flip bookcases around to reveal the bar and turns off the normal lighting as starts the blacklights and strobe lights for our kick ass rave parties that all the famous people will want to come to, but most of them will not be on the list, a giant parking garage for our many cars, and for guest parking, a retinal scanner for the front door in case we lose our keys, a camera on the front door so we can see who is knocking at the door, and a party meter that rates our parties as PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17.

We call this pleasure paradise Bootyloo, and it will be ours.



  • Oh, I better have a room in this place...

    ...or else.

    By Blogger Kristine Williams Boswell, at Tue Oct 11, 10:20:00 PM EDT  

  • Yeah you do. But we thought that you'd probably want to keep your place outside of the city so you had a yard and stuff for your dogs, and it was calmer and everything, so we didn't think that you lived there, but we had a room for you that you could design in any cool way you wanted, and you have a key and all the passcodes to get in, and you can come over and stay whenever you want as long as you want. We even determined that we would hold charity banquets as well as all the mad parties, and said that you could have a PETA Fund Raiser there.

    Or if you want to you can live there permanently. We just thought you'd want a yard, and Bootyloo is right in the heart of downtown Denver. Mi Bootyloo es Su Bootyloo.

    By Blogger Joseph, at Wed Oct 12, 12:59:00 AM EDT  

  • you should hear about the stripper bar/ water fun park we have designed for John's apartment. we'd just have to kick out his current roomates to make room for all the hot chicks.

    By Blogger M R C, at Wed Oct 12, 06:24:00 AM EDT  


    By Blogger -me:), at Wed Oct 12, 08:13:00 PM EDT  

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