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Monday, October 10, 2005

You are NOT the father.

Anybody ever watch those Maury Povich shows where they have the women who don't know who the father of their baby is, and then they have the punky guy come on and he's like "I'm 100% sure I ain't the father of Shaniqua's baby." or "If I'd'a known what type of slut Sally is, I'd'a never laid down wit dat ho."

Why is the woman the hero on this show? Everyone cheers for her, and boos the guys because they're dogs. But I mean come on, there's a woman who was on the show for the fourth time, and brought the seventh guy that wasn't the father. I understand the guy who's a jerk, and he's the only one who is suspected of being the father, then he is. But seriously, if you have gone through seven suspects, and you STILL don't know who the father is, and you're thinking back "Who did I have unprotected sex with back in October over those 2 weeks, there was Tommy and Bill, and Roger, and Steve, and Dave, and Tim, and John, and Mark and Phil, and Phil's brother, and The Detroit Pistons..." then you really are a ho.


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