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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lost...... interest?

Lost is the bad boyfriend of television.

At first everything was awesome and sweet. We got along great. Then starting with the second season, things went awry. Suddenly there were broken promises in the trailers for the next weeks show. The fate of all the survivors was not revealed in the second episode of the season, but they said it would be. Then the show left for three weeks, inexplicably. Last night, we got straight stood up. They showed a trailer for a new episode last week, and we got a repeat this week. And apparently, there will be no new episode until january. Again, no reason why.

But I'll keep watching. Even though this show is behaving badly, I'll stick with it, because I remember the good times, and deep in my heart, I hope that things will be that again.

But just watch yourself, Lost, because 24 comes back in january as well. If you're still doing me wrong, I'll have no problem leaving you for Jack Bauer and his guarenteed non-stop season.

This may be the post I'm most ashamed of.



  • JJ Abrams is the bad boyfriend of television. He likes to create awesome shows that interest people for about a season or two, then after you're hooked, he lets the show go to hell, but he doesn't care because he's moved on to a different project. Case and point: ALIAS.

    You hurt me bad, JJ.

    By Blogger Kristine Williams Boswell, at Thu Dec 08, 10:11:00 AM EST  

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