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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Customer Service of Nightmares

I was going out to eat with a few friends, and they wanted to go to Subway. I instead wanted to go to Dairy Queen, so I went there without them. I tried to get a Cherry Shake, but they said they didn't have them. Then this video screen popped up saying all the shake flavors they had, and cherry was one of them, and they made it for me. Then I wanted another shake so I ordered a chocolate shake, and I tried to pay with a credit card. The card was denied, so they wanted me to sign a contract saying I owed them $10, because each shake was $5. And I thought rather out loud that $5 for a small shake was way too much, especially since I didn't even drink any of the second one yet. I agreed to pay $6, and the manager lady got really really mad. Her face was getting really red, but the other people who worked for her were on my side. Then I saw Eric Connor, my old writing teacher from NYFA, sitting on the other side of what had changed from a Dairy Queen into a giant outdoor tiki bar and grill. I went over to say hello to himn briefly, and made mention of the fact that I've had bad writers block for the last few months. He showed me a website that would help, then I got in the car with Jon Kameya and Rob MacInnis. We drove away from the tiki bar and grill/dairy queen and I told them the story about the stupid manager. Then I scooped up a handful of a "Bloomin' Onion" they had on the floor and shovelled it into my mouth. Then I woke up.


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