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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Skinny people or fat people.

I've noticed this trend on TV recently where skinny supermodels like Tyra Banks or attractive TV news reporters put on a giant fat suit and walk the streets and observe the cruelity that other people put fat people through with hidden cameras.

How freaking stupid.

It isn't cruelity, Tyra. It's the way normal people treat each other. Someone didn't make eye contact with you? Someone didn't want to sit by you on the bus? People ignored you when you said "good morning?" Welcome to the world of average looking people. No offense, but when you're a stunning supermodel, and you've been drop dead gorgeous your whole life, maybe you don't have an accurate perception of actual human sociological interaction. People always make eye contact with you because you're beautiful, they always want to sit by you on the bus because they get to be closer to the really hot chick, and maybe someone else on the bus will think you're together, everyone says good morning to you because it can start a conversation that can potentially lead to getting your phone number. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Personally, I think the actual screwed up part is how we treat beautiful people.

I think it would be interesting to take an ugly fat girl and somehow put her in a beautiful suit. She'd suddenly notice that people are always staring at her, she's the center of attention, everyone wants to know what she thinks is cool so they can live their lives accordingly, everyone smiles at her, they hold doors for her, she never has to buy herself a drink at the bar again, all the scuzzy guys at said bar are throwing every pick up line they've ever heard at her just to receive an ounce of her attention, a smile, a little giggle, men fight over her, other women are jealous of her, she gets out of speeding tickets just by playfully pouting to the officer, the rules stop applying to her as she becomes some type of royalty.

I don't mean to sound like I'm trying to make Tyra Banks feel guilty for being beautiful, she really can't help it. And any ugly person or average person if given the opportunity would love to be more attractive. It's why we all cram into gyms and get on Atkins. If you're born with it, live it up.

It really is an interesting experiment though to let someone experience the paradigm of another human. I think if we could do that more often, it would solve a lot of problems. If we just look at the world from someone else's point of view, if we walk a mile in another person's shoes, maybe we'd understand each other a little better. Maybe we wouldn't need to yell at a store clerk when their store runs out of beanie babies, because we'd realize that it's really not his fault. Maybe we wouldn't need to make fun of other people in a mean way, because we'd understand that it hurts. Maybe we wouldn't need to go to war with other nations because we realize that they're doing what they think is right. Maybe we wouldn't have terrorism because terrorists would understand that most citizens mean them no harm. Maybe it would just be a better world.

So remember: take care of yourselves -- and each other. :)



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