If You Build It, They Will Come.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oh, hello.

Well, I'm back from Colorado. We had a really good time. Thanks again to Ed and Stacy and Éowyn and Kristine for showing us around.

We got to see Red Rocks, and Lookout Mountain, and some dinosaur tracks. Then we went downtown a few times and went to many bars. We went to Boulder before hiking up in Rocky Mountain National Park, and went to Johnny Garabinos (or something) for lunch the next day.

Erin surprised me before we left. She was supposed to come up on the wednesday before we left, but she came up on the friday before we left. Then she stayed until thursday. It was a rare moment in our lifetimes where we were in the same place for two weeks straight. It was really refreshing.

We came up with a creepy movie with a working title of "The Room." I'll be working on it for a while I think. I really like it.


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